Food and Feed
Process Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Total Plants and Engineering
Customer Satisfaction
and Environmental Care

Our mission is based heavily on constant efforts to increase customer satisfaction. Eagle Enviro and the Eagle Group are trusted partners to numerous clients thanks to reliable work execution and efforts to make our co-operation as effective as possible. Together with our clients we recognize the value of environmental conservation, and we continually develop new patents and products with the goal of generating new and valuable resources from what is generally considered to be waste.


Within the biotechnology segment we offers unique sustainable products/technologies through FPI, PBT, DHA and FFA.

Clean Technology

We posess cutting-edge technology for treatment of water and liquids through our products/technologies WaterCatox and Chromatography and through our partner Seprosys.

Engineering and Development

As a part of the Eagle-group we can offer customized engineering and testing with our partners within the group, Eagle Technology, and Rena Quality Group.

Total Plant and Supplies

Based on our bio- and clean-technologies we are a totalsupplier in collaboration with our partners and can deliver turn-key solutions as needed.

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Ongoing projects and Business opportunities:
Co-operation with Enova
FPI® process - Fish Protein Isolat

Together with Enova and Marealis Innovation AS we are developing FPI® technology for processing unused maritime by-products. A successful project could lead to significant exports of environmentally and energy-friendly seafood processing technology from Norway, which is considered as of one the leading players within aquaculture technology.

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Project with Jotun AS
Cleaning Technology

Eagle Enviro is a technology supplier of membrane unit and tanks for a membrane recirculation plant to Jotun AS. This plant is based on our membrane technology. This technology transforms waste from waterbased paint production into clean water and concentrated paint; a 100% recirculation rate.

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Eagle Technology
Integration with Eagle Technology

Eagle Technology, possesses sales, design, project- and engineering resources. In addition, the company owns a completely new and very advanced production company in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The company is ISO certified and produces high-end system solutions for the offshore, as well as the seafood and food industry. Eagle Technology has developed and manufactures membrane plants for offshore water treatment.

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IPR and Patents
We posess several unique IPR and Patents

Eagle Enviro and Norcape Biotechnology posess unique and high-end technology patents for a sustainable and cleaner future. Including WaterCatox®, PTB, D-Mega, FPI® and FracSep.

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