IPR and Patents

We develop patents both in collaboration with customers and on behalf of customers. As well as patents that are developed in-house. The development work takes place in extensive collaboration with national and international research environments and institutes.


A new CleanTech for rapid oxidation of medium/low toxic liquids by catalytic oxidation.


The FPI® process is a sequential molecular separating membrane technology with emphasis on UF (Ultrafiltration) and NF (Nanofiltration) for industrial protein refining.


A new process for extracting fatty acids from aqueous
biomass in a membrane contactor module. The invention also relates to an integrated process combining biomass concentration and/or diafiltration and fatty acid extraction in a membrane contactor module.


A new process of purifying oils. A method which combines treatment with ad- or absorbing agents (AAs) and a membrane-based process for separating the cleaned oil from the contaminated AAs.