E.C. - DUE established

Industrial separation processes were being developed and utilized in Sweden and Denmark in the late 1880’s. Christian Due saw this as an opportunity and established an agency business in Christiania with agreements with Diablo in Sweden and Chr. Hansen in Denmark. Due took in several agricultural products and Due as a company was established in 1896.

E.C. DUE 1892 - 1960

During this period DUE built up a central position in the Norwegian agricultural industry with an emphasis on dairies. Core activities was the design and delivery of food industry processes / facilities. DUE supplied a number of separation plants and was Westfalia’s separation agent in Norway for over 60 years. In addition, E.C. DUE delivered tank systems, cooling / heating systems for Vinmonopolet. During this period DUE was one of Norway’s largest suppliers of milk buckets.

New owners

E.C DUE gained new owners in the 1980s to further develop the company within biotechnology and environmental technology. The biotechnology business developed into active work within nutrition / bacterial cultures with e.g. contribution to the innovations Cultura and Litago.

DUE MILJØ established

The biotechnology business of E.C Due was sold and in 1990 DUE MILIJØ AS was established. DUE MILIJØ focused on cleaning technology and started with environmentally friendly packaging. Packaging focused on recyclable cardboard and bag packaging including bag-in-box where i.a. “Cardboard wine”, water and dairy products were started. The packaging business was expanded to also include filling machines ergo packaging. The packaging business was later sold. Cleaning technology was concentrated on wastewater flows so that these could meet discharge requirements. Eventually it became clear that recycling was the future. At the same time, new membrane technology became industry ready.

Norcape Biotechnology AS

In recent years, DUE MILIJØ has focused on the development and delivery of processes and plants based on membrane technology. Thus, Norcape Biotechnology AS was established with a focus on recycling / refining bio marine processes where patents have been developed and obtained for several processes / products / applications in several countries. Several recycling plants have been developed and delivered, e.g. in the chemical, dairy and seafood industries.

Eagle Technology acquires DUE MILJØ and Norcape Biotechnology

On 10 February 2020, Eagle Technology AS took over all shares in DUE MILJØ AS and Norcape Biotechnology AS. With this acquisition, Eagle takes a strategic position in the liquid separation market for the process and food industries.

Merger between DUE MILJØ and Norcape Biotechnology

Norcape Biotechnology AS’s operations are transferred to DUE MILJØ under joint administration and management. Norcape’s business idea, with a focus on recycling / refining biomarine processes, continues with undiminished vigor.

Rebranding to Eagle Enviro

As part of the rebranding process the company changes its name to Eagle Enviro.