Some of the benefits of Chromatography technology are:

  • Separation based on differential retention time of components across the reactors
  • No or very little chemical consumption
  • No resin swelling/shrinking = long resin life
  • Industrially proven


The Chromatography process:

  • Feed components have different affinities for the solid phase (resin)è different velocities / retention times across the resin bed
  • Slow components have high affinity for the resin: can enter inside the resin / make complex with the resin functional groups.
  • Fast components have less affinity for the resin: cannot enter inside the resin / cannot make complex with the resin functional groups.
  • Primary filtration to remove mycelium
  • Membrane filtration to clarify broth
  • Concentration
  • Chromatography to separate citric e.g. acid from remaining non fermented sugars, and organic and mineral impurities
  • Polishing by activated carbon and ion exchange
  • Crystallization

Applications in Chemical Industries: 

  • Recovery of metals in liquid phases (metal plating, washing bath, metal leaching)
  • Separation of metals by ion exchange
  • Separation of acid/acid salts by acid retardation (sulphuric, hydrochloric, phosphoric…)
  • Recovery of dyes
  • Catalysis on resin
  • Recycling and drying of organic solvent



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