Advantages of D-Mega technology:

  • Flexibility – independent control of fluid flow rates
  • No emulsions, no flooding at high flow rates
  • No density difference between liquids required
  • Linear scale-up (modular equipment), possibility of integration
  • Compact design consuming less energy
  • Elevated mass transfer rate
  • 500 times large contact area per unit volume than conventional liquid-liquid extraction columns


D-Mega is a novel process for extracting fatty acids such as DHA from aqueous biomass in a membrane contactor module.

Membrane contactor is a device containing a porous membrane (e.g., hydrophobic polyimide membranes) with the purpose of facilitating the contact between two phases (aqueous and organic phase). Membrane contactor technology can effectively be used in up-concetrating DHA from enzymatically hydrolyzed algal biomass.



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