• Membrane technology uses three times less energy than evaporation.
  • Membrane technology allows electrification – no fossil fuel.
  • Salt water has a higher boiling point so removal of salt water increases energy efficiency.
  • In addition to salt, this technology removes biogenic amines (including bad smell and taste).
  • FPI® products (eg from fish) have a longer shelf life without additives at room temperature.
  • A membrane system takes up less space and uses less stainless steel than an evaporator. It can reduce construction costs and / or allow for an increase in production capacity.


Our solution:

Eagle Enviro has developed a process for the production of hydrolyzed marine protein products from residual raw material from the seafood industry (FPI® process)

The FPI® process uses membrane filtration.

Reduces/removes inorganic salts.

Reduces/removes biogenic amines.

Removes residual fat.

Reduces the amount of water – the process requires less steam, which leads to energy savings.

The final product (FPI®) contains a high proportion of protein (>90%) and is suitable for human consumption.


Mobile Test Unit

Eagle Enviro Mobile Test Unit is available for our client with proven test results from different raw materials such as shrimp shell, salmon heads, salmon skin, cod heads and cod skin. The unit is based in a 30-foot container, and equipment is in accordance with EU standards for food safety/hygiene requirements.

Objective – Eagle Enviro Mobile Test Lab

Ensure that our customers receive an optimized, reliable solution based on verified test results.

Carry out trial production of different raw materials (frozen/fresh)

Make accurate mass balance calculation.

Improve/optimize production processes and equipment.

Ensure correct quality of FPI® that meets the food quality standard.

Reducing energy consumption by 1/3 by using our membrane system before an evaporator

Carry out tests necessary for scaling up production system.

Proving that FPI® technology is a profitable investment from the customer’s point of view (Capex/Opex/ROI)

Test Reports & Results

We support our clients from the early stage of predesign, testing and analysis into a full scale FPI plant.


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