Advantages of PBT technology:

  • Persistent bioaccumulating toxins (PBTs) such as PCBs, dioxin-like PCBs and dioxins are minimized. FFA enzymes are removed.
  • Important nutritional components such as vitamins, antioxidants and omega-3-fatty acids are preserved
  • The content of high-melting, odour and colouring compounds are reduced
  • The waste of oil is minimized leaving an efficient, cost-effective process
  • The equipment is modular, thus securing ease of on-site use for a wide range of processing volumes, as well as simple on-demand adjustment of processing capacity


PBT is a patented novel process for purifying oils. The process combines treatment with ad- or absorbing agents (AAs) and a membrane-based process for separating the oil from the contaminated AAs. Purified oil can be used per se or as an ingredient in medicine, food, feed and a surfactant. For instance, PBT technology can effectively be used in purifying fish oil.


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