Advantages of WaterCatOx technology:

  • It makes it possible to achieve oxidation in the liquid phase at a lower pressure and temperature than what is feasible with today’s processes for wet oxidation and combustion.
  • The process has lower space requirements than do today’s processes for biological treatment of waste.
  • It is less demanding with regard to energy and costs, both for investment and operation, than current technologies.
  • The process has a wide range of applications


WaterCatOx is a novel process for liquid treatment by catalytic oxidation. To achieve oxidation of oxidizable, dissolved or suspended substances or particulate material in a liquid phase, the oxidation process utilizes a catalytic contact element.

The primary application of WaterCatOx is to overcome problems associated with the treatment of industrial wastewater and to facilitate the reuse of water, minerals and other raw materials in industrial processes.




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